Metalliferous motivation

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Nothing is more motivating and inspiring than shopping for supplies! Also, nothing is as therapeutic as buying something--its a cure all. I just placed an order with Metalliferous and I cant wait for the goodies to come so I can start designing and making jewelry!

Hands down the most amazing place for jewelry supplies. Metalliferous used to be a favorite hang out of mine when I was working in NYC. Actually, it was quite dangerous financially . It wasn't unusual for me to walk just right around the corner from my office (thats how close it was) and spend an entire lunch hour looking at beads, fun findings or whatever crazy new tool they had. I of course couldn't leave empty handed. Not as satisfying to buy from them on line, but still just as fun when you get the new product. The store is a help yourself kind of place so, the whole excitement of going to the shop is to search, scrounge and get covered in metal dirt (definitely not the cleanest place in the world) looking for just the right item.

Cant wait for a NYC trip so I can go visit my favorite store and spend several hours searching for my next inspiration!


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