a day with out Jack

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All day without mon petit pois (my little pea). Since Nana is in town, I no longer exist in my sons eyes. So, I have decided to take advantage of the help and buckle down.

I cant even begin to describe how much I got done! Those of you who know what its like to stay at home with a little one, 18 months to be exact, know that there isn't a lot of productivity taking place during the day. Well, today was filled with what felt like luxuries-- Making jewelry, taking pictures of new pieces, blogging, applying to craft shows, and more craft shows, reading all the great info on Etsy...it was fabulous.

This is one of many necklaces I was able to make. Its part of my collection where I incorperate upcycled items. The yellow brass rope chain is from a necklace that I cut apart and the beads are antique Japanese glass.

I will call it...mon petit pois.


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