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A follow up... Halloween was a success!  I've pushed store bought costumes off for one more year!!!  I knew The Boy would come through with an idea and it was a marvelous one at that-lots of fun to make!  So, while I was explaining The Beans costume to pretty much everyone, Alice from Alice in Wonderland after she eats the biscuit in Rabbits house and grows out of it, The Boy was having a grand time flying around in his bat costume!  The wings were made of black material and metal clothes hangers to create the bone look.  Her costume was felt all the way plus the dress-super cute, and she wore the whole get up, which was amazing.  They both turned out pretty ok if I do say so!  Now that my fun is over, I MUST get back to work


this year will be

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Halloween time is upon us.  Which means a hiatus from jewelry and an obsession with the kiddos costumes--(little insight on me, I go overboard on costumes and birthday parties).  Im struggling with the fact that The Boy wants a gruesome store bought piece of plastic. So sad, but Im still holding on to a small hope he will change his mind.  Thankfully, The Bean still doesn't know any better.

Year one for The Boy was Charlie Brown, then a garden gnome, next came the astronaut with a handmade papermache helmet, then the robot.  Last year was fun, The Bean was an owl made from some felt and a sweatshirt and The Boy was as per his request a werwolf--so far the most fun to make! Though Im swamped with new ideas for jewelry and have been non stop making, Halloween is my time to take a break and have some fun!  
The Boy 2010
The Boy 2011

The Bean 2012

The Boy 2012

sneak peak

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Heres a little something (not a lot) to get you wondering about whats to be seen at
The Handmade Market.  Join Haden Designs and A LOT of amazing designers  this Saturday May 4th from 11-5 at Cobblestone Hall in downtown Raleigh.

If your a really hard core shopper, you can come early from 10-11.  The early bird special is $5 for first dibs!

***Dont forget, Mothers Day is next weekend...Just sayin'.***


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“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.”

―Margaret Atwood 

Lately, most days its true.  I have had a very hard time trying to stay in doors to get anything done.  You see we have moved, and our new place is amazing.  We were fortunate enough to move into a place that was loved by its original owners for almost 50 years! They left us with the most amazing yard for spring.  Every day I go out to see what plant has come to join the others.  Its a new season with new found motivation and creativity, if I can stay out of the garden long enough...

Spring color inspiration

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