bracelet, or necklace? How about both.

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I have been on a kick lately with this leather thing and I have been combining it more with chain and semiprecious, or gold beads. I really like wearing the bracelets, they add just the right amount of accessory to any outfit. Recently I discovered that my tripple wrap bracelets were just the right length to wear as a necklace too! And, because I love to layer, they look great paired with another necklace-I usually wear it with a *Chalkboard* necklace.

BRIDES magazine

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I have my first jewelry debut in a magazine, or should I say my *chalkboard* necklace has its first debut! A few months ago I was contacted by BRIDES magazine asking if I would be interested in sending a few pieces to get photographed for the April 2011 issue. What?!?! So, I sent a couple of my *chalkboard* necklaces and the round locket with the gold chain made it! Since this is my first experience I have NO idea what to expect. I have been working on making more product...a lot more product just incase, right? Anywho, be on the look out for the April issue of BRIDES magazine and we'll see if the necklace made it!

lots of sanding...
then comes the priming and painting...
(did I mention I have a lot of these?)

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