happy thanksgiving

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Hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving. This year Im avoiding the chaos of holiday shopping. For now, I am inspired to make gifts for everyone. If I dont make the gifts, then at least I would like to buy hand made. Im hoping to find some gifts at my next show that Im attending, The Designers Downtown Market. It is a great alternative to holiday shopping at the malls...plus Ill be there selling jewelry, which is always a nice present to give.

The market will be held in the parking lot of Ornamentea and surrounding area at 509 N. West st, Downtown Raleigh from 9am to 3pm

listen closely

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Its all about the earrings this holiday season, at least in my world. I love making earrings. Even more, I love wearing them. I have been making a lot of new styles, and have modified some of my old favorites. Im seeing a trend in my newer designs towards smokey gray and platinum colors mixed with the yellow brass and black oxidized chains. I am always a fan of the long dangles, but now I seem to be simplifying the stones and adding more chain. And, if you havent noticed already I love to mix the chains.

new designs

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Since I am frantically working on making enough jewelry to take to shows and sell for the holiday season, and since I have a problem making the same thing twice, a lot of new designs are coming out. Here are a few new earring designs. All are long and lean and would be an amazing complement to a holiday frock.
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