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Halloween time is upon us.  Which means a hiatus from jewelry and an obsession with the kiddos costumes--(little insight on me, I go overboard on costumes and birthday parties).  Im struggling with the fact that The Boy wants a gruesome store bought piece of plastic. So sad, but Im still holding on to a small hope he will change his mind.  Thankfully, The Bean still doesn't know any better.

Year one for The Boy was Charlie Brown, then a garden gnome, next came the astronaut with a handmade papermache helmet, then the robot.  Last year was fun, The Bean was an owl made from some felt and a sweatshirt and The Boy was as per his request a werwolf--so far the most fun to make! Though Im swamped with new ideas for jewelry and have been non stop making, Halloween is my time to take a break and have some fun!  
The Boy 2010
The Boy 2011

The Bean 2012

The Boy 2012


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