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After several rounds of tests...'by George I think Ive got it!'

Near the end of 2010 I came up with a new design for Haden Designs, the *chalkboard necklace* was born. But, with any new design comes a period of trial and error. I introduced about a dozen necklaces at a show and I soon found out how popular they could be when I sold out of them within the first couple of hours. I went straight into production mode. I had never painted on metal before so I began to do some tests. I started off with different techniques of prepping the surface for paint, then came the importance of drying time, a different type of charcoal pencil and the sharpness of the tip...Ill spare you the rest of my experiments. Unfortunately, there were a few pieces that slipped through the cracks and didn't hold up. Torn paint was the problem. It would occur if the paint was still wet from wiping off the chalk and then writing on it immediately following, or the pencil tip was too sharp. Thankfully people contacted me and I was able to get them a new necklace. When making a new product that is what you hope for, that people will give you a second chance to make it right. So, if you havent contacted me and you had a problem, please do liz@hadendesigns.com. I would love to have the opportunity to replace it.

Over the holidays I delved deep into researching and experimenting painting on metal. I now have a new way of making the *chalkboard necklace*. So far, I have had no problems with this new technique...Hooray! (and I have put them through the ringer!) Now that that is fixed, I am going to expand some of the designs, so be on the look out.


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