bazaarSPARK and of course chalk

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SPARKcon is here again and this time I am a part of it! Ill be hanging out at bazaarSPARK Saturday (10-5) and Sunday (11-3) selling Haden designs. This year is going to be a great one for SPARKcon, lots of new events and some pretty amazing talent.
Because SPARKcon is all about creativity, I wanted to add something new and different to Haden Designs for bazaarSPARK so...I came up with chalkboard necklaces. It sounds crazy and this is something very different for me, but they are a lot of fun! The necklace is a brass pendant that I have turned into a mini chalkboard that you can write on with a white charcoal pencil. Draw a picture, write your honey's name or just your initial--then, erase it and do something different!


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